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Mark A. Prelas

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tIn the Time of Madmen: Holocaust Survivor True Stories WWII by Mark A. Prelas is a non-fiction memoir that details the extraordinary lives of his parents. The book begins with an intensive backstory about his mother Katicà, her upbringing, and the community where she grew up in Yugoslavia. 
There is nothing better than a success story except when that success story is true, and Mark A. Prelas's account, In the Time of Madmen, is a survival story for the ages. Tales of Holocaust survival are never easy to read and what Prelas shares of his family’s experiences is heartbreaking. But these are the most important stories to tell, particularly now, as the rise of fascism and anti-Semitism are, once again, being witnessed; a build-up at a rate that proves the fight for safety, and Jewish sovereignty, is ongoing. The writing is heartfelt and while it is sometimes unpolished, the conversational tone humanizes the narrative to give it the feeling of sharing stories with a friend by the fire. I had to put the book down on more than one occasion to collect myself but was quick to start again when I was ready. Memoirs can be tricky to review because one's life story tends to be more interesting as a legacy book for family over commercial consumption, but In the Time of Madmen transcends this barrier and speaks to the soul of every reader. This is a very highly recommended book."

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My Story

Dr Mark A. Prelas is an award-winning author whose works include numerous books, and articles in the fields of science, nonproliferation, energy, the environment, counterterrorism as well as the memoir, In the Time of Madmen. He was a Fulbright Fellow. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Nuclear Society. He received the TAAs Textbook Excellence Award and In the Time of Madmen is a Book Excellence Award Finalist, a Global Book Awards Silver Medalist, and a Southern California Book Festival Runner Up.