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A Thought-Provoking Read

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

I highly recommend Michael Hickins' blog post. He cleverly blends many important issues which plague mankind into one very powerful message about silence and complacency in the face of an oncoming storm. I particularly appreciated how it incorporated two topics dear to my heart: the consequences of climate change and the preservation of Holocaust stories. I am an environmentalist plus the child of slave laborers and World War II refugees (described in my book In the Time of Madmen). We must be vigilant because misinformation is a common tool for obfuscation and control. It is effectively used by both climate change deniers and extremists.

I also highly recommend Michael's book The Silk Factory. The book's publisher, Amsterdam Publishers, is a gem which has developed an important collection of Holocaust stories. A crucial way to combat misinformation is to preserve history through firsthand accounts. However, just preserving the accounts of survival during the Holocaust alone doesn't tell the full story. As refugees, the survivors also suffered through lifelong difficulties from the physiological trauma caused by the war and from forms of extremism (e.g., xenophobia and antisemitism) in the countries in which they settled. Amsterdam Publishers preserves these stories through the survivors and their descendants.

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