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Digital compatibility between NACS and CCS update

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

My optimism that any CCS charge port equipped car in North America will be able to use Tesla supercharging stations in the future is not misplaced. It is due to the digital compatibility of NACS and CCS. That is because Tesla adopted the CCS communication protocol in order to sell their cars in Europe. New Tesla cars sold in Europe use a CCS Type 2 charge port. A Tesla sold in North America has the CCS communication protocol embedded in its software. There is path forward in North America because of the interoperability between NACS and CCS. It is true that the plug pins between the two protocols are vastly different, but the tricky piece is how information is exchanged between the EV and the charging station. Not to worry, Tesla already sells a NACS to CCS adaptor for Tesla owners in North America. Plus, Ford and GM plan to sell CCS to NACS adaptors to their customers who have the CCS charge ports.

I wanted to follow-up on the reasons why Tesla has not made a NACS to CCS adapter widely available despite coming to an agreement to open up its charging network in order to receive federal subsidies. The reasons are clearly spelled out in this Forbes article-

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