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Orion With Dwarf 2 and SeeStar S50

I took photos of the Great Orion Nebula with the Dwarf 2 and SeeStar S50. After some processing on Siril, and Fits Scrubber, I have photos for comparison. (Taken under a Bortle 6 sky, there was a light source on Seestar that I could not crop out. Someone with more photoshop skills would be able to eliminate it.)

Dwarf 2. With the Dwarf's wide angle you can also see the Running man Nebula.

SeeStar S50

I like each unit for what it does. The image quality is pretty good on both. I like the wide field of vision on the Dwarf and I like the detail on the SeeStar. It is hard to recommend one over the other. It is an individual choice if you can only have one.

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