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Supernova (SN2024GY) in NGC 4216

Using my Unistellar Equinox 2, I was able to observe the new supernova SN2024GY in NGC 4216, a galaxy 55 million light years away. I live in Columbia, MO in the middle of the city. The sky around my house is 6 Bortle. I was able to set up my equinox 2 on my back porch and control it from my family room. The outside temperature was 24 degrees Fahrenheit. I typically post YouTube shorts for observations with my various smart telescopes which not only includes a Unistellar Equinox 2 but also a Dwarf 2 and SeeStar S50. I post comparisons of the scopes often times doing observations side by side in the same conditions. In the future I hope to add a Celestron Origin. All of these smart telescopes share the feature of simple set up and ease of use. The Unistellar Equinox 2 costs $2499 (but at certain times of the year the price will drop to $1999). It's main attraction is it's 4.5 inch aperture which allows for excellent for light collection while having a focal ratio of f/3.9. I was mainly interested in Unistellar because of its citizen science program where you can participate in exoplanet, comet, asteroid, etc. research. I purchased the Dwarf 2 and the Seestar S50 because they have the ability to track and take video of the sun. This capability, along with their portability will allow for simple travel and set up for the upcoming eclipse on April 8. The Dwarf 2 costs $459. It has a 24 mm aperture with a focal ratio of f/4.2. At 2.4 pounds it is the smallest of the three telescopes. The Seestar S50 costs $499 and has a 50 mm aperture with a focal ratio of f/5.

The YouTube video of the supernova can be seen through the following link.

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