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Took the Plunge, Purchased an EV

As an undergraduate in 1974, I studied the greenhouse effect. I read about Eunice Foote and her 1856 presentation in which she reported on an experiment in which carbon dioxide and water vapor were heated in a jar by sunlight. I was aware of John Tyndall's studies in 1859 on how carbon dioxide traps heat in the earth's atmosphere. I was fortunate to have professors at Colorado State University who introduced me to the topic. That is when I made up my mind to study nuclear engineering. It has been a long road, but now most enviromentalists agree that nuclear energy has a very low carbon footprint and is needed to mitigate climate change. I am convinced of climate change due to serving on numerous government committies on the topic and from my research. Columbia Missouri is a progressive city because it strives to use renewable resources. Plus, some of it's electricity comes from the grid where part of that power is nuclear generated. I now feel comfortable that an EV in Columbia will have a lower carbon footprint than a gas pwered car because of the city's effort to cut down on electricity produced by fossil fuels. It was time to take the plung and purchase an EV. I purchased a VW Id.4 for several reasons: the $7,500 federal tax break, leg room, head room, comfort, warranty, and track record.

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